Diagnostico à Cadeia Valor, e ao Processo Marketing Mix e Visita ao Mercado Brasileiro para Inicio Internacionalização

Objetivo principal: Desenvolver área Marketing e Iniciar Processo Internacionalização Objetivos Específicos: Diagnóstico Interno à CESAP Diagnóstico Externo ao mercado definido Análise SWOT à CESAP, Comunicação com Mercado ExternoRead more.

Modular Training for Employed and Unemployed - POISE

This Project is integrated in the Training Department of Escola Superior Artística do Porto - ESAP (Núcleo de Formação - NFC - ESAP) and it aims to promote 116 certified modular training actions (25h UFCD), embarking a total of 2320 trainees, grouped in classes of 20 trainees each, to be held in Porto. The actions will begin in July 2017 and will end in June 2018. The objective of the project is to provide the educational progression and professional certification ...Read more.

Opo’Arch Formal Methods

The 'Group of Formal Methods in Architecture' of LIA - Research Laboratory of Architecture of ESAP has been devoted in recent years to R&D work in the area of methods for architecture involving the use of scientific acquisitions of the mathematical. Particularly relevant group of its production is a computer application on 'space syntaxes' in 3D space. This digital tool has the name of DepthSpace3D. 'Space syntaxes' are a set of methods in use in the architecture for over 30 ...Read more.